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Meeting Warm-ups



Ask your group for a show of hands as you ask each of these questions. You may change the questions to anything you want.

Who lives at an even number house?
Who lives in a three-bedroom home?
Who has a swimming pool?
Who lives at an odd number house?
Who drives a car?
Who hates to raise their hands under any circumstance?
This warm up creates arm movement, which gets the blood flowing. It requires thinking in order to raise their hands, which gets the brain warmed up. And at the end, you hit them with a trick question! (See how many hands go up)

The Magic Wand / Magic Genii (Group Activity)

You have just found a Magic Wand / Genii in a bottle that will grant you 3 wishes. The Wand / Genii only allows you to change three things in your neighborhood. You can change anything you want. Decide what those three wishes will be and why it is important to make those changes. Write the three wishes down on the index cards. Ask each group to share their list of wishes and why they are important to the neighborhood. This activity helps them to learn about others’ desires and frustrations.

Off on the Right Foot

Have you audience or group follow your directions, Stand up, lift your left foot, and put it down. Lift your left foot, and put it down. Lift your left foot, and hop on you right foot. Now, we got things off on the right foot! This is a great warm-up to start a meeting or wake everyone up when you are at a slow point. 


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